6 Piece Golf Equipment SlatWall Accessory Kit

6 Piece Golf Equipment SlatWall Accessory Kit

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Not really sure what slat wall accessories you want (or need)? Would you rather not pick your accessories piece by piece? With an accessory kit all that hard work is done for you.

The Golf Accessory Kit includes a number of specialty accessories for storing all your golfing gear and equipment. The kit comes with: (1) 14" x 24" Shelf; (1) Golf Accessory Holder; (1) 4" Double Hook; (1) 8" x 12" Wire Basket; and (1) 13" x 24" Shoe Rack; and (1) 4" Snap Hook. That's a total of 6 accessory pieces!

When you combine the Golf Accessory Kit with slat wall panels and a Work Space configuration, you will have created your perfect storage solution! Need help designing your Work Space configuration? Follow this link to learn how we can help!



**Note: Installation required.