4" Loop Hook w/ Lock SlatWall Accessory

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Hang a variety of big and bulky items from your new slat wall panels with this 4" Loop Hook accessory. As its name implies, the Loop Hook loops upward to keep whatever item you are storing on it in place. It is made from heavy duty steel for maximum strength; and given a powder coat finish to prevent rusting. This hook is perfect for storing long extension cords, a gardening hose, or even a step stool. A rubber coating provides exceptional grip so your stuff stays on the hook and doesn't end up back on the floor. Add the 4" Loop Hook to your new Work Space configuration, slat wall panels, and the other accessories you've picked out to create your very own complete storage solution.

Not sure which slat wall accessories to choose? Need help putting together you complete solution? Whether you just have questions or want us to help you create a design for your storage system we're happy to assist you anyway we can. Visit our Online Design page right now to learn more about creating a custom storage solution or to contact us with any questions.



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