Black Urethane Impact Coating Counter Top (17

Black Urethane Impact Coating Counter Top (17" - 40")

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No storage system that includes Work Space storage cabinet base units is complete without a custom fit countertop. For rugged durability and maximum strength, we offer countertops coated with our own Impact Coating. The black urethane Impact Coating is similar to what you might find lining a truck bed; so you can take a hammer to your countertop and not make a dent. It's the sort of tough surface you will certainly want to have for a workbench that needs to be able to take a beating. Any Work Space configuration with an Impact Coating countertop is sure to maintain its quality even under pressure.

Countertops are cut to custom fit the WorkSpace configuration you design. The length of your top will depend on the number of base cabinets you put into your configuration. With so many options, we understand how navigating all the individual cabinets and custom countertop sizes could become overwhelming. If you're feeling the least bit overwhelmed with all the options, we can help you. Find out how you can work directly with a project manager on a custom storage system design right now!