SlatWall Panel Screws (Box of 100 - 1 5/8

SlatWall Panel Screws (Box of 100 - 1 5/8"L)

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Screws that match any of the eight slat wall panel colors we offer are available for hanging your new wall storage. These 1.625" slat wall screws come in a box of one hundred; which will allow you to hang roughly 32 square feet of slat wall. You will not need to do any pre-drilling or other prep work for the panels. Installation is as simple as finding a wall stud and turning the screws in using a drill (or screwdriver if you prefer the manual approach). The screws should be placed within one of the slots of the panel.

Now all you need are some accessories to start using your newly installed slat wall panels. We offer basic, intermediate, and deluxe accessory kits; each with a variety of the baskets, hooks, and specialty accessories. You can also pick and choose from our selection of dozens of individual accessories. And if you need any help putting together a complete custom solution of Work Space storage cabinets, slat wall panels, and accessories we'd be happy to assist you through an Online Design consultation. To learn more about Online Design or contact us with questions go here.

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