Ski Rack w/ Lock SlatWall Accessory

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When you're not hitting the slopes where will you store your skis? If your answer is (or similar to) in a corner of the garage leaning against the wall, you should consider the Ski Rack Accessory we offer. This accessory allows you to store both your skis and poles on a slat wall panel that hangs from the wall instead of on the floor or leaned against a wall in some corner. There's no reason to risk damage to these expensive pieces of sports gear when you can just as easily keep them stored safely and securely.

The Ski Rack will join with the Work Space storage cabinets configuration, slat wall panels, and any other accessories you have already chosen to create a storage solution that fits your garage perfectly and stores all of your things functionally. And if you find yourself unable to come up with that elusive perfect storage solution, maybe we can help. Learn more about working directly with one of our expert project managers to create a custom storage system design!



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