Snap Hook SlatWall Accessory

Snap Hook SlatWall Accessory

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Snap hooks are a quick, easy pick for your new slat wall storage system and they offer a lot of functionality. You have probably seen similar versions of these hanging on fixtures and displays in just about any department store. Imagine having the ability to hang multiple items on one hook in your garage. It is certainly possible with the slat wall panels and Snap Hooks available here on 

Hopefully by now you have also picked out one of the pre-designed Work Space configurations or put together some single cabinets to create your own custom solution. You should probably get some other slat wall accessories as well, if you really want to create a place for all the items being stored in your garage. Let us help you design the exact solution you need. During an Online Design consult, you will work one on one with a project manager to come up with your custom solution. Simply click the link to learn more about our Online Design consults.



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