Wall Mount Garden Water Hose Holder SlatWall Accessory

Wall Mount Garden Water Hose Holder SlatWall Accessory

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This slat wall accessory is an excellent complement to the Garden Center accessory. You can store up to 150" of 5/8" watering hose when you use the Wall Mount Hose Holder accessory. The hose holder offers a sturdy and attractive storage solution for your watering hose when it is not in use. This accessory also has an additional storage compartment built right into it. There you can store multiple nozzles and a number of other watering accessories.

Work Space storage cabinets, slat wall panels, the Wall Mount Hose Holder, and any other accessories you select will combine to create a great looking and complete storage solution for your garage. You're sure to keep the area organized for good with such a complete solution. Do you need help creating that complete solution? Let us help!



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